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July 2016

TGW receives many queries regarding the Queen of fabrics - specifically, how to wash beautiful cashmere garments whilst maintaining their softness and shape.

Under normal circumstances we recommend washing after 5 wears.  All our cashmere products are simple and unadorned - therefore for best results we recommend washing in the washing machine using the wool/delicate setting at zero degrees in COLD WATER with a special cashmere shampoo (we recommend "The Laundress" Cashmere Wash) or a simple wool wash from your local supermarket.  For stubborn stains, gently massage a little cashmere shampoo right onto the spot before washing.


For best results, cashmere products should not be hung to dry, but laid flat on a towel to avoid stretching.  For best results, when the garment is dry, smooth with a steam iron on a low setting.  To ensure longevity of your cashmere garment, it is best stored flat.   

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