5 Reasons Why You'll Love Wearing Tap Pants

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For those of you asking "What are tap pants?", they were the
female underpants of choice, popular between the 1920s-1940s. Also known as 'French knickers' or 'dance shorts', a similar pair of shorts were originally worn for dancing, hence the term 'tap pants'.

While I wouldn't recommend anyone over the age of 20 wearing them as outerwear, there are a lot of wonderful benefits to wearing tap pants, leading me to ponder why the modern world has forsaken them in favour of other less comfortable and attractive options (the g-string for one).

1. Tap pants are sexy
Although they reach your bellybutton and feel rather long, there is something truly sexy about wearing tap pants. Sometimes cut on the bias, and mostly made from delicate fabrics such as silk or cotton voile, they come in pretty, feminine colours or classic sexy black.

2. Tap pants provide a little more coverage
Tap pants cover more area than most modern underpant styles. This can be helpful for hiding a bit of tummy, bottom or thigh. The extra length skims past the curve of the bottom, eliminating any VPL (visible panty line) that would otherwise be obvious. Tap pants are perfect for wearing under form-fitting dresses or skirts in delicate fabrics. 

3. Tap pants go up to your natural waist
This means no awful horizontal lines running several inches below the waistband of your favourite vintage pencil skirt!

4. Tap pants are long and flowy
Tap pants can also act as a short slip, by adding an additional layer they defeat those awkward see-through moments without adding bulk. Being open at the leg, air is free to circulate, ensuring freshness and allowing a feeling of inhibition. 

5. Tap pants are like a slip with legs
Wearing tap pants is a little like wearing a slip, but with legs. This makes them much more wind-proof and activity-proof than a regular slip.

In case you're wondering why underpants are referred to as a 'pair', in the 19th century women's underwear consisted of a chemise or shift made of two separate 'legs' joined together at the waist, worn open between the legs, giving rise to the plural term of a 'pair' of underpants. 

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