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Want to get off the plane after a long haul flight looking like a million dollars? Follow our beauty travel tips to help you arrive at your destination feeling fresh and ready for anything.

Something to keep in mind is that once you're in the air, there is nothing more that can be done. You're on the plane until it lands, so close your eyes, take a deep breath and enjoy the ride.

Carry an on-board beauty kit containing a few choice products to help break up the journey with hourly applications of your favourite nurturing beauty products. We recommend:

Eye drops
Under-eye gel
Face spritzer
Lip balm
Hand and nail cream

1: Prep. Prepare your skin the night before your flight by exfoliating and moisturising well, ensuring applications of moisturiser are more readily absorbed during the flight.

2: Hydrate. Hydrate yourself before, and during a long haul flight. Drink water, coconut water or even better, dissolve electrolyte lozenges in water to fully assist the hydration of your body and skin from within.

3: Turn up the volume. Hair can become flat and lifeless while you sit through a long flight, so prepare your locks in advance with a spray of hair volumising product after washing your hair the night before your flight. While on board the plane, make a high pony tail and loosen it in time for landing to reveal a fresh head of hair.

4: Brighten up. Eyes always look red and tired after a long haul flight, so pack some eye drops to reduce the dehydrating effects of the cabin airconditioning and apply under-eye gel to reduce puffiness and help ward off headache.

5: Glowing skin. We nearly always look tired and exhausted following a long haul flight. Here's a trick to instantly revive your appearance. Lightly apply highlighter to the highest points of your cheeks, temples, under eyes, corner of eyes and cupid's bow to instantly brighten up your complexion.

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