Sock It To 'Em

Up your sock game with a pair of our beautiful cashmere socks.

Cashmere is a luxuriously soft yarn made from the undercoat of the kashmir goat. Cashmere socks not only feel incredibly soft but are ideal for keeping feet warm, as like all wool socks, they are breathable. Treat your feet to a pair of our beautiful cashmere socks. 

Cashmere has been around for more than 700 years. In the 14th century a Persian artisan travelled to India and was so taken with the quality of the cashmere wool from the Ladakhi goats of Kashmir, he wove a pair of socks and presented them as a gift to the King of Kashmir, Sultan Kutabin, giving rise to an entire industry.

To care for your cashmere socks hand wash them, or put them in a wash bag in a washing machine on the delicates/wool cycle using cold water. We recommend using a wool wash such as "Woolite" or "The Laundress" Cashmere Wash. Press out the excess water in a bath towel (not wringing, just pressing) and then lay the socks out flat to dry. 

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