Pillow Talk

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There are a swag of articles currently being published revisiting a 2005 study about whether it is better for your health to make your bed in the morning, or not.

An average bed harbours more than 1.5million dust mites, feeding on scales of human skin and producing allergens which we inhale during sleep. The study suggests that the way to deal with this horrifying news is to not make your bed in the morning, but to let your mattress and bedding air for the day. Movement of air and sunlight dehydrate the mites, eventually killing them.

All the slothful people rejoiced at this news, but in reality making your bed each morning promotes proven psychological benefits such as lowering your stress, and giving you a mental leg-up before heading out of the house each day.

It is correct that bedding should be allowed to air and dry out after you've slept on it. What is incorrect is the idea that leaving your sheets crumpled up in a heap is going to allow them to dry and the mites to be banished! Unless you've had a bad case of the night sweats your sheets will have plenty of time to air while you perform your morning ablutions.

To avoid any pillow fights breaking out over this issue, we suggest pulling down the sheets to air the bed whilst you are readying for the day, then remaking the bed and plumping up your pillows ready for the evening's bed-time ritual.  

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