Most Wanted Christmas Presents of the Last 100 Years

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With only 8 days to go until Christmas we thought a trip down memory lane would make you smile. Here is a list of the most wanted Christmas presents by decade of the last 100 years:

1910s Rocking Horse and Fireworks
1920s The Radio Flyer Wagon and the YoYo
1930s Red Ryder BB Gun and Army Men
1940s Lego and the Slinky
1950s Barbie and Mr Potato Head
1960s Etch A Sketch and GI Joe
1970s Nerf Ball and Star Wars action figures
1980s Rubik's Cube and Magic 8 Ball
1990s Tamagotchi and Gameboy
2000s Razor Scooter and Bratz dolls
2010s iPhone and Sony PlayStation

To make this Christmas memorable, The Good Wife & Co. have done the ground work for you with gift ideas to suit all budgets.

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