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Did you know the clothes dryer is the second largest drain on electricity in the household? So it makes economical sense to start using the washing line NOW.

The following tips are designed to maximise drying time as well as to increase the lifespan of your clothing by handling garments with a little more care.

1: Use The Sun
It may seem rather obvious, but by placing your washing line or clothes horse where it will catch the most sun (and/or wind) during the day will help your clothes to dry faster.

2: Turn Clothing Inside Out
Dark or coloured clothing can fade in the strong sunshine, so help prevent fading by turning clothing inside out before hanging it out to dry.

3: Use Coat Hangers
Hanging shirts and dresses out to dry on clothes hangers will ensure they keep their shape and reduce wrinkling which will halve ironing time.

4: Maximise Drying Space
By pegging clothing overlapping with the next garment, you save on hanging space and of course pegs. The best idea of all is to hang garments such as t shirts across the parallel hanging lines, rather than the traditional side by side method.

5: Remove Excess Water
Clothes dry faster when they've had as much water wrung out of them as possible. Some washing machines are brilliant at this, but if yours is not, use a clean dry towel to tightly roll up any garment, give it a good squeeze, unroll it and then hang it out to dry.

6: Peg Placement
By placing pegs under the arms, or a few centimetres up the side seams you can minimise peg marks, which on delicate garments are literally 'bruises' on the fabric.

7: Drying Flat
Sweaters and dresses will benefit from being dried flat, keeping their original shape and minimising stretch. Use a clean dry towel underneath to help absorb moisture, and turn the garment over to ensure overall dryness.

8: Finishing Off
It's ok to use the clothes dryer to 'finish off' drying your load of washing. If you are planning on ironing shirts or dresses - they are best ironed slightly damp anyway. Putting them in the dryer will only create more creases and will make ironing a tougher job.


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