Girl Power In The New Millenium

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A new women’s-only workspace and social club in New York City, created to offer like-minded members a place to network and connect, seeks to offer an alternative to standard coworking spaces and their sometimes “bro-centric” culture, and tap into the “magic that’s created when women gather together.”

Public relations specialist Audrey Gelman and her business partner Lauren Kassan found inspiration in the all-female clubs of the women's rights movement of the late 1800s and early 1900s. These early women’s clubs, located in women’s boarding houses around the city of New York, were used in the same way men would use gentleman’s clubs, offering spaces for networking, leisure activities, and political organising (especially around suffrage) for the first waves of women attending universities and beginning careers. The Wing actually found a space in an area that was once known as Ladies’ Mile, where many of New York’s more than 600 women-only clubs of the time were located.

In addition to on-demand makeup and blow-drys, amenities at the club include WiFi, a 'lactation station', a conference and phone-call room, lockers, a kitchen, food and drink, and a calendar of events focused on professional development such as educational workshops, seminars and debates. The Wing aims to be a place to reconnect and relax, and serve as an in-between place during hectic days.

Membership at $USD185 per month ($250) was immediately over-subscribed and now The Wing has a long waiting list of women keen to be part of this exciting new enterprise.

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