Cool Change: How to Sleep Through The Heat

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Just when you think the heatwave is over, another begins. With the current spike in nighttime temperatures, households are struggling to get enough sleep - and we are only half way through summer!

Leading sleep expert Professor David Hillman believes that people need to concentrate on ways to lower the body's temperature to its optimal level in order to improve the quality
of their sleep. According to Professor Hillman, the ideal bedroom temperature is between 18-21 degrees, and that when room temperature reaches 24 degrees, our bodies reach the 'thermoneutral zone', when the body takes active measures to regulate temperature, and it is this regulating process that keeps people awake at night.

It's time to take serious measures to cool ourselves down. In addition to the obvious use of fans, here are some tips for achieving a better night's rest on hot summer nights:

1. Take a tepid shower followed by a cold spritz before bedtime to help lower your core body temperature

2. Sleep with a frozen gel icepack (available from chemists) under your head or behind your neck

3. Ensure your feet and torso are uncovered (enabling sweat to evaporate off the body)

4. Choose lightweight breathable pure cotton bedlinen over polyester blends

5. Unless you sleep naked, silk is one of the best fabrics to sleep in with its natural temperature-regulating properties  (and paradoxical ability to cool and warm simultaneously)

6. Wet a super-absorbent (sports) towel and place over your torso or forehead

7. Minimise heat in the house and bedroom by keeping windows and doors closed until sundown, then open up to let in the cooler evening air

8. Turn a hot water bottle into a cold water bottle by popping it into the freezer and wrapping in a hand towel for a bed-friendly icepack

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