Meet The Bralette

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With the current beautiful spring weather you may be feeling the need to freshen up your (most likely) tired and worn bra collection. It's time to meet the bralette!

The bralette is a style of bra made famous by those glamorous pin-up girls of the past. While your everyday bra is most likely a classic nude or black affair, it's fashionable cousin the bralette comes in almost every fabric, shape and style imaginable, with styles featuring embellishments including mesh, crochet, lace, embroidery and even chain mail!

The bralette first rose to prominence about five years ago and has since become a versatile choice for women of all sizes for wearing with tank tops, dresses, t shirts - practically anything. If you are unsure what to wear underneath a sheer top, or something with an exposed back, a bralette in any colour or style is a great choice.

The one things that best sums up the bralette is unlike regular bras that are best hidden under clothing, the bralette begs to be noticed!

Shop our silk chiffon bralette in sheer pure white or sheer black (pictured above) online at

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