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Silk has been a scientific curiosity for centuries and now a new insight into its properties has surfaced.

Silk seracin, a natural protein refined from the silk glands and pods of the silkworm has a long history of being discarded as waste during silk processing and has only recently begun to be recovered for other uses, reducing the environmental impact of silk manufacture.

The pierced cocoons and 'wastesilk' generated in silk manufacture, or sericulture, account for nearly 30 percent of total cocoon production, so being able to harness the rearing and thread waste of silk for coarse yarn and other uses is great news, with companies in India and a China being at the forefront of the extraction and refinement of this extraordinary protein.

Potential application of seracin in regenerative medicine is now under the microscope, along with pharmaceutical research into its benefits as an active ingredient for advanced skincare and cosmetics.

Sericin protein forms a film on the surface of skin and hair, preserving moisture without adhering to it. Clinical trials have shown that seracin, while controlling the breakdown of the protective layer of the skin's surface, is also effective in controlling the production of tyrosine, the enzyme responsible for causing skin to freckle. Seracin possesses anti-ageing and anti-bacterial properties, as well as being

Clothing made from pure silk cloak the body in a veil of pure sericin, softening irritants and protecting delicate skin. Even after repeated washing, its effect remains almost the same. It's official - sleeping in pure silk sleepwear is not just a luxury, but will boost your beauty sleep!

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