How To Revive a 100% Silk Garment Following Water Damage


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May 2016

When the water damage demons attacked one of our boxes storing a 100% black silk chemise trimmed with exquisite French leavers we thought all was lost.  Lucky for us only ONE chemise was damaged - the water damage had spread to the whole garment.(image1).

Quickly going into action we soaked the chemise in a gentle washing product (Woolite or wool wash product) in lukewarm water (image 2).

Our next step was to place the soaked chemise in a laundry bag in the washing machine set on a gentle cycle adding a capful of wool wash product - NO BLEECH OR FABRIC SOFTNER (image 3).

After the gentle machine wash cycle had finished, we placed the chemise on a towel laid flat on a table to dry. Once dried we turned the garment over to the opposite side to dry fully. Using a cotton cloth between the iron and the dried garment, we gently ironed the chemise on a cool setting. We profusely thanked the silk worm for its genius - the garment was saved (image 4).




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